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There are many types of hearing loss – it can be temporary or permanent and it can vary in degree from mild to profound. Hearing loss can even vary across pitches. Whatever the type or degree, hearing loss can greatly influence your social life, cause you to avoid activities you used to enjoy and even increase your risk of having accidents. It can even make driving dangerous. Fortunately, much can be done to aid hearing and mitigate some of the effects of hearing loss. Allegheny Hearing Instruments is your expert in hearing instruments, hearing evaluations and assistive listening devices – anything and everything that can be done to help you with your hearing.
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Who we are 

We are a professional audiology and hearing aid practice, committed to helping you and your loved ones cope with hearing loss. We have worked with the old, the young, the mentally challenged – always paying close attention to the individual needs of our clients. Our team has a vast amount of work experience both from clinical settings and from the hearing aid manufacturing industry. We have experience in comprehensive diagnostic audiologic evaluations, hearing aid evaluations and dispensing, as well as aural rehabilitation. We have also worked with many well-known otologists and otolaryngologists. 
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Digital hearing instruments


Whether you need help determining the type of hearing problems or are looking for help or advice on how to make life a bit easier despite the problems, you have come to the right place. We can help you with diagnostics and selecting the right kind of hearing aid or assistive equipment, as well as repairing existing hearing aids. 

Often a hearing aid in your ear is not the only thing that can be done to make your life easier, as there are also many innovations available for adapting your environment to your needs. We will gladly assist you in planning and selecting solutions for your home or office environment. 
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